Printing and Photocopying

Printing and copying are done via a multi-function device (MFD). You may print or copy in colour or black and white, as well as scan.


Printing and copying costs (per page)



A4 $0.20 $0.50
A4 double-sided $0.30 $0.70
A3 $0.30 $0.70
A3 double-sided $0.50 $1.00
Scanning Free Free


To pay for your printing and copying, you need to add value to your Student charge account using the PIN emailed to you. You can add value (coins and notes only) to your account at any of the kiosks in the Libraries on the main campuses (Bentley, Carlisle, Thornlie). This credit will allow you to print and copy.


Please remember that all copying must be done in compliance with copyright legislation.

Need some help with printing and copying (including your PIN)? Ask at your campus library.